Intraoral Digital Scanners: Cutting edge technology!

Without a doubt, intraoral scanners are the chosen technology of the future. Like digital records,
dental scanners have proven to be the leading form of digital technology, improving the dentistry
industry, making the experience for both client and practitioner much more efficient and
enjoyable. Digital impressions made through the use of dental scanners have proven to be the
superior choice in optimizing patient experience and impression effectiveness, streamlining the
process of making dental impressions in the 21st century. Dental Products Report described how
digital impression systems have changed the workflow for dentists in a dramatic way.
CEREC Digest, a leading industry publication detailing popular technologies in the field, listed
the Top Dental Scanners in an article following the International Dental Show in March 2019.
The article, found here:
of-2019/ describes the top Intraoral Scanners and their impact on the dentistry community at
One of the top dental scanners listed was the iTero Scanner, which is used in the office at
Westwood Dental Esthetics by Dr. Kiai and his staff.
Some major perks of the iTero Scanner include:
1. Rapid Scan
2. Color Scan
3. Autocalibration
4. Comprehensive Restorative & Implant Workflows
5. Chairside CAD & Milling Collaborations
6. Expansive Global Laboratory Network
7. TimeLapse Visualization
8. Optimized Invisalign Integration
9. Laptop Connectivity
10. Next Generation Computing Power
At Westwood Dental Esthetics, Dr. Kiai utilizes this state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a high-
quality experience at both of his dental offices. If you’re looking to improve your smile in a short
amount of time, using the most high-tech, efficient equipment in a sterilized office with optimal
care, Dr. Kiai can share the benefits of technology like the iTero Scanner in a fast, efficient
manner. If you’re looking to improve your smile or repair damaged teeth, dental scanners offer a
fast, efficient way to get the job done correctly
Kaivan Kiai DDS

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