The Perks of Picking Porcelain

Porcelain crowns and veneers can completely transform your smile and your confidence! It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between porcelain veneers and natural teeth. Here at Westwood Dental Esthetics, we believe that porcelain for crowns and veneers will provide you with the most striking and long-lasting smile. 


While there are other materials, like resin composite for veneers or crowns, and metals for crowns, porcelain offers many benefits that the alternatives do not. Here are some reasons we prefer porcelain:


-       Porcelain veneers can last up to three times longer than resin composite veneers, up to 10-15 years. Resin veneers last from around 5-7 years.

-       Resin composite veneers are more likely to chip, stain, or fracture than porcelain veneers. Stains can be a pain because composite veneers are not responsive to whitening procedures, though some stains might come off with professional cleaning. Porcelain is more stain-resistant and more likely to stay bright and white over time. 

-       Porcelain crowns look and feel like natural teeth, unlike metallic crowns, which are often noticeable. 

-       Crowns made of porcelain last from 5-15 years, though they can last much longer with proper care. Keep up with your everyday dental routine and visit the dentist regularly for the best results, of course!


Look and feel your best with a smile that you’d love to show off. Book your consultation with our team at Westwood Dental Esthetics today and give yourself something to smile about.

Kaivan Kiai DDS

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