Ultrasonic Cleaning & Hygiene

Making Ultrasonic Cleaning & Hygiene An Easy Affair At Westwood Dental Esthetics

Time to time visit to the dentist for cleaning of the teeth as well as the oral cavity is important for people. It keeps their mouth clean and maintains the hygiene. Whenever you are worried about your mouth having a bad odor or there is some blackish appearance, immediately get in touch with our dentist Dr Kaivan Kiai at Westwood Dental Esthetics. This is an important feature to keep your oral cavity in hygienic condition. It also protects the gums and teeth from further caries, damages and complications. Our dentist provides ultrasonic cleaning & hygiene for removal of debris, caries and existing scales on the teeth and gums.

Simple but highly effective cleaning with guidance from dentist

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning is a simple procedure being carried out using advanced technology. In this process, the cleaning is done using water jet spray with such force that it dislodges various types of impurities as well as deposited materials along the gum and in-between the teeth. This is known as the ultrasonic cleansing and is very effective in removing debris as well as providing whiteness to the teeth. It can effectively clear the minute corners inside the oral cavity, thereby promoting hygiene.

With consultation, you can plan your ultrasonic cleaning. According to the necessity our dentist will advice you as per the given conditions. It would be great on your part to keep the hygiene of the mouth in good condition, without suffering from advanced complications. It will also help reduce your visits to the dental clinics for conditions arising out of negligence of proper hygiene.