Restorative Dentistry | Mercury Free Fillings

Having Cavities In Tooth: Check Our Restorative Dentistry Using Advanced Materials

Since patient care and health concerns have been the priority at Westwood Dental Esthetics, we use the finest materials for filling up of cavities and restoring the shape of the molars and premolars. In most people, the commonest complaints related to teeth are the cavities, cracks and holes created over a period of time. It makes eating difficult because of such holes, where food can get again and again, leading to further caries and deepening of these cavities. Hence, we utilize methods to provide restorative dentistry, so that the fillings do not come out and the materials being used are safe without any mercury or other toxic materials. We use safe and fine resin materials to close the cavities, so that these are biocompatible and healthy. Restorative dentistry by Dr Kaivan Kiai is quite advanced and fine, allowing you to carry on for years together with such fillings. Many patients having fillings are satisfied with the work and come again for other cavities and refer friends and families to us.

Our dentist at Westwood Dental Esthetics will explain the set up of restorative dentistry and provide the details of the materials being used to carry out such restoration. During your visit to our clinic, we will guide you through various types of procedures and make you aware about the possible features in various types of filling. This kind of communication has been the crux of our services. We understand that your questions have to be answered and you go away from our clinics satisfied and treated to the best extent.