Endodontic Care


Find Best Endodontic Care With Experts Of Root Canal Treatment

For problems pertaining to the pulp of the tooth, we provide endodontic care at the Westwood Dental Esthetics in California. When patients visit our clinic, the diagnosis of pulp diseases can be done and the endodontic care is planned. This is done by proper assessment and explanation of the problem by Dr Kaivan Kiai, who has long years of experience in performing the advanced root canal treatment and surgeries. He will do it for your teeth, if found to be having some issues. So, if you are visiting our clinic, then be assured that the right treatment would be advised taking you into confidence and after explaining the entire scenario in clear terms.

  • Assurances of best and right form of endodontic care

Whenever our patients need endodontic care, Dr Kiai stresses upon discussing the whole scenario with them. On the surgical front, people can be assured of the materials used and the skill of our dentist. It is undoubtedly an important surgical procedure, which needs expertise of the doctor and use of proper instruments in performing the surgery. At Westwood Dental Esthetics, your pulp would be removed with proper steps, in one or two sittings, so that it is not inconvenient for you. There are various other aspects of endodontic care apart from the root canal treatment, which can be provided with right steps. The best solutions are provided and recovery from the surgical interventions is quick and hassle free. Check out our clinic in California and get the right solutions for any kind of pulp problems.