Dental Implants Westwood


Get The Best Set Of Teeth With Expertly Done Dental Implants

Replacing a broken or missing tooth is nowadays possible with the expertise of our dentist, Dr Kaivan Kiai. He has long years of experience in this kind of prosthetics, where the teeth or a single tooth is fitted. This is done with artificial structures to give an appearance exactly like the original teeth. Although, this is a difficult procedure, but it has lots of merit for which many of our patients are opting for the dental implants.

  • What is implant and why is it a great option?

Dental implants are artificial structures with a root that is screwed into the jaw bone and a crown is put on top of it to appear like a tooth. This can be done for more than one tooth also, depending on the condition and number of teeth missing. Such artificial structures are known as implants and this can be done for variety of cases. In case of loss of one or more teeth or when there is a broken and almost eroded tooth, such procedures can be adopted. It is a great option because of the long duration of years for which it can last if done correctly with the right kind of judgment. It has to be maintained regularly like other natural teeth and we make sure that your implants stay healthy and for long.

There are many cases where dental implants are great options, but these have to be decided by the dentist. Such decisions depend on the type of jaw bone and the need of putting an implant and finally on the cost factor. There are many considerations which need to be taken into account for which a consultation with our dentist can be fruitful.