Dental Crowns in Westwood

Getting Your Tooth Crowns By Proper And Expert Hands

Whenever people walk into our dental set up in California, they will be pleased by the positive ambience inside. But the most appealing thing about Westwood Dental Esthetics is the treatment that people receive. After consultation with our dentist, Dr Kaivan Kiai, your teeth problems can be solved to the best possible extent. With expertise in various fields of dentistry, Dr Kiai provides different solutions, one of which is the placement of the crowns required for different reasons.

 You may need a crown for the following reasons:

  • Cover a broken or heavily eroded tooth
  • Whenever a large filling is required
  • To help a dental bridge to stay in place
  • Restoration of fractured tooth
  • Covering the dental implant
  • Giving new look to a discolored or eroded tooth

After consultation with the dentist, the tooth measurement is taken and the crown is designed, while in the meantime, a temporary crown is fitted. In another sitting, your tooth is covered with the crown prepared as per the size and color.

Variety of materials is used to make the crown in our set up. Although porcelain and ceramic crowns are the most common types, we also design gold and metal alloy caps. But the latter is more common for inner teeth, whereas the front teeth crowns will be best designed from porcelain. It also matches the color of the other teeth.

Our services for crown preparation and fitting are supposedly the best in the region. It is because of our efforts to give the best to our patients and due to the expertise of the dentist in the given field of treatment.