Cosmetic Veneers in Westwood

Get The Best Cosmetic Veneers With Clean Looks

Teeth irregularities, coloration as well as small marks can be very clearly covered by use of a coating made up of porcelain material. Porcelain cosmetic veneers are being designed in our set up of Westwood Dental Esthetics, where Dr Kaivan Kiai carries out variety of procedures. For various types of dental problems, you can come to him and the best solutions will be provided to you as per the given condition.



Why veneers are great for cosmetic augmentation of the teeth shape, size and color

It is said that porcelain material can almost mimic the looks of natural teeth. For this reason cosmetic veneers are made from porcelain, where this can be used to design the thin covers that can be laid over the exterior of the teeth. It can be used for one or more teeth, thereby giving natural appearance. It can be used for teeth which are in need of corrective looks. So, the cosmetic appearance is improved and there is assured whitening and bright smile. It is easy to design the veneers with such material. It is essential to fit the properly designed veneers over the tooth surface because it will determine the longevity as well as shape for the given teeth. Since the shape and sizes of teeth vary from person to person, proper designing is very important. Final fixation and curing of the resin adhesive between the teeth and these artificial porcelain materials is also important. Dr Kiai has the expertise to give the finest looks using porcelain cosmetic veneers on your teeth surface to bring the bright and white smile that you have been longing for.