Comfort, Relaxation, And Convenience

Why Do We Stress Upon Comfort, Relaxation And Convenience

If you are visiting our dental set up of Westwood Dental Esthetics, the first thing that you would notice is the comfortable ambience that is set up in this particular clinic. This is because we understand that you are going through stress thinking of the upcoming procedure. Although our dentist and staff will make sure to tell all the details and keep you aware of the procedures, still there may be the need for you to be relaxed. To further add to your relaxation, we have put down the most comfortable chairs in the waiting room, which appears more like a hotel lobby rather than a clinic. With facilities of watching television, using internet, reading magazines and listening to music, ours is a set up that is exotically arranged to give our patients the most relaxed feeling.

  • Making it convenient to visit as per your timed appointments

Apart from making you relaxed and comfortable, we also assure that it is convenient for you to get appointments and return at a time that is suited to you. So, our appointments are provided keeping the patient’s timing in mind, and this is being done through advanced software for making appointments. On walking into our clinic, you will find the modern day office atmosphere, and highly informative leaflets and printed materials. So, when you are waiting to get some procedure done in your teeth, the time spent doesn’t feel heavy and mind goes into complete relaxed state. All our features are designed to give you the perfect ambiance to feel relaxed and comfortable along with ensuring that your chosen timings are allotted.