Visit The Westwood Dental Esthetics To Get Properly Fitted Dental Bridges

Lost teeth can be regained by having an artificial one, which can be designed and fitted correctly by the dentist. At Westwood Dental Esthetics, we provide the most suitable solution for your extracted or broken teeth. Any particular tooth can be easily designed with artificial materials by the help of bridges. It is important to have proper assessment in the oral cavity, which Dr Kaivan Kiai is able to carry out and suggest the best method of putting in an artificial tooth in the given place.

When you visit our clinic in Westwood, thorough assessment is first done to ensure that you are the right candidate for putting in bridges and if necessary any crowns. Bridges are artificial materials put in place of an absent tooth and fixed to the side teeth to make it immovable. Also, there are options of partial dentures as well as complete dentures, which would be determined by our dentist.

  • Factors that show the need of bridges

Many reasons work in deciding about the need of a bridge. If you have a missing tooth, it will give bad appearance, more so if the front teeth are not there. Moreover, there is extra pressure from the existing teeth, which thereby gets distorted in position and leads to cheek bite and other problems. This can therefore cause gum disease and decay of teeth. So, if you are concerned about your appearance and long term implications of missing tooth, bridges will be a good option. Any kind of question and doubts can be answered by our dentist regarding bridges and the application. Visit our centre for more information about the bridges and ways to get it fixed.